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Gillette vs. #MeToo

What is the role of the agency in helping brands address important social movements? And what happens when they fail to address how marketing itself has contributed to the very social problems they now claim to be trying to solve?

Listen as our roundtable unpacks the recent debate over Procter & Gamble’s “We Believe” ad about the rise of toxic masculinity.

Guests: Jen Maxwell-Muir, CEO and founder of Maxwell Pr; Peter Mitchell, Chief Creative Officer of Marketing For Change; and Kari Olivier, co-founder of Jute Creative.


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Do Super Bowl Ads Still Matter?

Are Super Bowl ad buys still worth it? In this era of precision targeting, does this one event deserve the hype about who’s buying air time? And has the new cult of participation in analyzing Super Bowl ads trained the average consumer to think they have a say in what makes good advertising and creative work?

In this roundtable episode, we explore the changing media landscape and how it will transform the way we experience advertising during global events like the Super Bowl.

Guests: Jessica Ragusa, Director of Strategy, WiT Media; Kevin Kertscher, award-winning filmmaker and founder of Big Ocean Media; and Dan Walsh, co-founder of the audience insights company Shepard.


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